James Sheahan P&C (Parents & Carers)

Remember, every parent and carer of students at James Sheahan is automatically a member of the P&C!

The James Sheahan P&C represents all parents and carers of students at James Sheahan Catholic High School. You are all very welcome at P&C meetings, which are held twice a term, on the second and seventh Wednesday of each term, unless otherwise notified in the school newsletter or by email. 

The James Sheahan P&C seeks to support the school by actively engaging with the Principal and staff of the school.  The P&C exists to be a voice for parents, to generate community spirit, and also to complement what the school provides for the students, by raising funds for student wellbeing programs, additional classroom resources, and supporting teacher projects.  

Over the years we have raised a significant amount of funds, used for a range of initiatives, such as car park improvements ($13,300), tennis court resurfacing ($6,000), Library donation ($5,200), Memorial Gardens ($2,500), and various smaller but still significant achievements such as grants for teachers, the annual welcome BBQ for all families, and an annual thank you morning tea for teachers and staff each December.

The P&C has a page in the school newsletter, which is published every two weeks, to let everyone know what we’re up to and where we’re heading.  We also have a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SheahanPandC) to promote P&C activities and scheduled events.  

We think James Sheahan is an exceptional school with exceptional staff and families.  Come along to one of our meetings to find out what’s going on.  There’s no compulsion to take a position or do any extra work, but if you wish to do so there’s plenty of opportunity to get involved.  The benefit to attending P&C meetings is that your voice is heard – and it really does make a difference!  We work using sub-committees so not all members are involved on all projects.  Our AGM is held at the time of the last meeting each year (usually week 7 of term 4), so executive positions are filled before the start of the new school year, ensuring that new parents feel comfortable attending meetings from the beginning of each year.

P&C meeting dates 2017 - Revised
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The P&C team – 2017:
Tom Capell (President)
Sandi McAtamney (Vice President)
Neal Livermore (Treasurer)
Mary Taylor (Secretary)
Stewart Vidler (PR Coordinator)
VACANT (Fundraising Coordinator)

Postal Address:
C/- James Sheahan Catholic High School
46 - 49 Anson St (South), Orange, NSW 2800.
Alternatively: P.O. Box 146 Orange, NSW 2800.
Email Contact: sheahanpandc@gmail.com