Contact Information

Postal Address:
James Sheahan Catholic High School
46 - 49 Anson St (South), Orange, NSW 2800.
Alternatively: P.O. Box 146 Orange, NSW 2800.
Telephone: 02 6362 1422 Email:
See 'Norton Park' JSCHS school and Ag Farm site on Google Maps below.

Executive, Wellbeing and KLA Contacts 2017.

To contact or arrange a meeting with staff members listed below call 02 63621422 during office hours (Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm).
Chaplain/School Manager -  Father Gregory Bellamy
School Executive
Principal - Mr Mark Pauschmann - Mr Mark Pauschmann
Assistant Principal - Mr Peter Meers
Religious Education Coordinator Mission - Mrs Amber Calleja
Curriculum Coordinator - Mr Michael Tilston
Student Wellbeing Coordinator - Mrs Michelle Whiteley
Executive - Mr David Wickham
KLA Coordinators
CAPA - Mrs Liz Sarks
Distance Education - Mr Philip Kirkwood
English - Mr Chris Hanson, Assistant - Mrs Victoria Munro
HSIE - Mr Ben Shore (Relieving), Assistant - Mrs Judy Tyson
Languages - Mrs Helen Clarke
Learning Enhancement Coordinator - Mr Philip Kirkwood
Maths - Mrs Trish Moran (Relieving), Assistant - Mr Michael Roper
Music - Mrs Jacqueline Shields
Pathways Coordinator (Careers/VET/TVET) - Mr Les Quick
PDHPE - Mrs Jo Kingham, Assistant - Mr Luke Nobes
RE Curriculum - Ms Philippa Burns, Assistant - Mr Michael Pastoors
Science and Agriculture - Mrs Jen Wickham, Assistant - Mrs Denise Taylor
Sport - Mrs Kylie Jordan
TAS - Mrs Jane Edwards, Assistant - Mr Bobby Wykamp
Year Co-ordinators and Whole School Responsibilities
Teaching Administration - Mrs Carolyn Johnston
Year 7 Coordinator - Mr Nathan Short
Year 8 Coordinator - Mr David Wickham
Year 9 Coordinator - Mrs Lynelle Maguire
Year 10 Coordinator - Ms Kieron Hogan
Year 11 Coordinator - Mr Dom Maley (Relieving)
Year 12 Coordinator - Mrs Emily Bell

Aboriginal Educator - Ms Leanne Fawns
Business Manager - Mr Andrew Kent
Careers Advisor – Mr Les Quick
e-Learning and Academic Care- Mrs Laura Tilston
Executive Assistant - Mrs Kirsten Felstead
Facebook - Ms Kieron Hogan
Gifted and Talented - Mrs Liz Sarks
Indigenous Pathways Advisor - Mrs Sarah Eyb
Promotions - Mrs Madeleine Moylan and Mrs Gina Cudars
Professional Learning Commuities PLT Leader - Mrs Mary Russell
School Counsellors - Ms Norma Bongini and Mrs Wendy Burgheim
EAGLE (Years Intergrated Learning Program) Coordinator - Mrs Lynelle Maguire
Student Representative Council - Mr Winston West
Teacher Librarian - Mrs Laura Tilston / Mrs Lynn Peard
School Fees Office - Ms Kate Sharpe